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Postcards from India 3

December 1 2011

Jet Lag – Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield. Official Video produced by Patrick Langlois and filmed at Terminal 1 – Toronto Pearson International Airport in Spring 2011.

Jet lag. It won’t be ignored, and you’re body will eventually win over your desire to keep working, keep moving, keep looking, keep experiencing the crazy sensuous chaos of colour and sound and taste and smell that is Hyderabad.

Just remember that. Sleep will come to you and demand that you pay attention.

Last night she finally came to me after a long day struggling through meetings and presentations to staff. It was a struggle to work through the day. My body felt sluggish and my mind confused and dizzy. I found it very difficult to concentrate. Lights were garishly bright and flickered as I tried to focus my eyes on things. Sounds seemed amplified to me. And I was completely disorientated about time. What day is it here? Is it morning or afternoon? What time is it back home in Oakville? Are my kids asleep or awake in Switzerland right now? I sat at my desk forcing myself to puzzle it through but was completely unable to do the math. I was like a drunk yesterday, trying to force myself to walk a straight line to normality. I’m almost certain if someone had asked me to touch my nose I couldn’t have done it!


I did make it through the day. I did stand (sway?) in front of 40 new faces and deliver an introduction and networking presentation with energy and competence and even a little humour. I did get through all those meetings, and I even remember a few things that were said in them. And I did manage to stay awake long enough to enjoy a delicious meal of noodles and cantonese style prawns at the exquisite Golden Dragon, the Taj Hotel’s Asian cuisine restaurant (I decided to save the ultimate experience of Indian cuisine for a day when all my senses could appreciate it fully).

And then finally, and blissfully, I collapsed into bed without even looking at my writing table. Don’t ask me what happened between then and the cacophony of the horns outside my window at 7:00 this morning.

I don’t remember a thing. I must have been asleep.


One comment on “Postcards from India 3

  1. Ken Lamanes
    December 2, 2011

    Sounds wonderful…experience of a life time…anxious to hear about the motorcycle ride through the city!


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