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Postcards from India 5

Sunday December 4 2011

“Excuse me sir, I want to photograph your T shirt”

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind. I noticed this peculiar slogan on the T-shirt of a total stranger at the Salarjung Museum today and coerced my colleague Farhana into chasing him down so I could photograph him. Living up to his T-shirt, the young man obliged me.

The guy probably thought I was just a crazy tourist, but I had a good reason to want to record that image. The slogan jumped out at me because it described perfectly the youthful and enthusiastic spirit of my colleagues during our KMS Sports Day at Golkonda Resort & Spa on Saturday. At first, when I saw that the list of scheduled sports included “lemon and spoon race”, “jalebi eating contest”, “tug of war”, and “skipping” I was a little worried about what I was getting into. But we had such a beautiful sunny day for the event and the venue was perfect for rowdy behaviour, of which there was plenty. Four teams (Satra se Khatra, Killing Services, Kolaveri Blues, and Dark Horse) competed in good-natured rivalry in a whole host of silly sports, games and cheerleading. True to their name, Dark Horse came from behind to win the “Trophy Trophy Trophy”! It was such a pleasure to see the staff participate so enthusiastically (and competitively!) in this teambuilding event. And I felt so genuinely welcomed (they even took time to teach me a thing or two about cricket!).

Since the pictures speak for themselves, I’ll give my pen a rest and let them show you how Indian hospitality can be seriously silly, genuinely honest, and incredibly kind. You’ll find the slideshow here: KMS Sports Day Hyderabad 2011


One comment on “Postcards from India 5

  1. travelingmad
    December 4, 2011

    That is a cool shirt indeed. (The French could use that advice.)
    I’ll be traveling to southern India myself in a few weeks. I’m ready but still a little excited and terrified 🙂
    Merci for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your journey.


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