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The Chess Master’s Gambit – Postcards from the Bruce Trail 4

Sunday June 8, 2014. cloudy, 17-20°C
Rockway Falls (km 45.1) to Louth Conservation Area Staff Avenue Parking Lot (KM 49.8) 1H45m

IMG_0745This post really will be just a  postcard since we only covered a postcard-sized section of trail this weekend. But progress is progress! Actually the fault — or credit! — rests entirely on my husband’s shoulders. Ian plans hiking trips like a chess master;  he stays one or two moves ahead of the board and is not afraid to sacrifice something in the beginning to gain an advantage later on. And when you’re hiking Niagara Section, there are so many advantages to strategic play, some of which I’ve written about in my previous boasts (I mean posts!) about the splendid après-hike opportunities in wine country. Ian wanted to position us on the trail so that next weekend — Father’s Day — we would reach Balls Falls in time for a picnic lunch, some fun with the kids and perhaps some other friends, and then follow it up with a second hike in the afternoon ending with another great winery. But more on that next week; here’s how things went on Sunday.

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The first thing we noticed as we launched ourselves back into the woods was how quickly last week’s blooms have faded. The False Solomon’s Seal that was fresh and white last week had already turned dry and brown. We still saw a few spring blooms, including Canada violet, more celandine and columbine, and what I think was Phlox divaricata (Wild Blue Phlox, Woodland Phlox) but if you object, please leave a reply. And there was a lot of sweet woodruff that had not yet bloomed, but in general, we mostly saw that summer is fast approaching.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

The wide variety of woodland blooms we had seen in previous weeks gave way to lush green groundcover, including this unwelcome but common trail hugger.  I guess longer pants, or higher socks, are an important part of the uniform now.

As the canopy continues to fill in, limiting the reach of the sun, the trails make for cool and shady walking, but humidity was high, and predictably, so was the mosquito population.

Dirt bath

Dirt bath

Don’t forget your favourite protection from the beasties if you’re heading out! The tics are bad this season too, but that didn’t stop Kelso from indulging in a good dirt bath.

And so the hike was short. We had time for a quick brunch and great coffee in Jordan at Zooma Zooma Café, and still made it home in time to drive our daughter to work. I guess it wasn’t much of a chess master’s gambit after all, since not much was sacrificed, but I can’t wait for next weekend anyway.




Zooma Zooma Café

Zooma Zooma Café

Happy Trails! Louise & Ian




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