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If it ends with cider, it can’t be bad – Postcards from the Bruce Trail 18

Sunday Dec 21, 2014, overcast  -2 °C Scotsdale Farm Bennett Heritage Trail (km 29.4) – Silver Creek Conservation Area (km38.5) 2h25m (9.1km Total to date 241.2km) We had the company of … Continue reading

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Limehouse Conservation Area to Scotsdale Farm – Postcards from the Bruce Trail 17

  Sunday Dec 7, 2014, sunny -3 °C Limehouse Conservation Area parking lot (km19.7) – Scotsdale Farm Bennett Heritage Trail (km 29.4) 2h25m (10.3 km Total to date 232.1km ) … Continue reading

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Hilton Falls to Limehouse – Postcards from the Bruce Trail 16

It’s such a great time to be hiking the Toronto Section of the Bruce Trail. No, actually it’s just a great time of year to be hiking, period. I love … Continue reading

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Back to the Bruce Trail

After a full month’s hiatus from hiking, we’re lacing up again this weekend on the Toronto Section of the Bruce Trail. A long business trip kept me away, and I was missing the Canadian … Continue reading

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Bruce Trail Bling – getting ready for cold weather hiking

Look what came in the mail today! Our first End-to-End bling. Both Niagara section and Iroquoia section rewarded our hiking efforts with their 50th year badges, which Kelso will – … Continue reading

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Kelso, a milestone, and 200km of Bruce Trail under our boots – Postcards from the Bruce Trail 15

Sunday Sept 14, 2014, sunny 9°C Crawford Lake (km 108.5) – Hilton Falls parking lot (Toronto section, km 0.8) 3h30m (14.0km Total to date 202.9km ) I can’t believe I’m … Continue reading

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To Crawford Lake – Postcards from the Bruce Trail 14

Sunday Sept 7, 2014, sunny 17°C Blind Line & Brittania Rd Burlington (km 95.5) – Crawford Lake (km 108.5) 3h59m (13.0km Total to date 188.9km )   It was such a perfect, beautiful … Continue reading

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